About Your Guide

Andreas Sartori has worked in many aspects of the outdoor adventure industry over the past 20 years. His skills as an outdoors man have been developed throughout his whole life, and his overall knowledge of wildlife habitats and animal behavior , have allowed him to provide a full wilderness experience to all types of outdoor enthusiasts. He is a firm believer in wilderness conservation, and has dedicated vast amounts of time and expertise to this philosophy, through both his personal ventures as well as his long standing involvement in Ducks Unlimited. A fully licensed and experienced mountain guide, he has been in charge of remote mountain fly-in camps for periods of up to three weeks in the Chilcotin region. He is fully qualified for all levels, those being: #1- trail rides, #2- trail riding and mountain trail riding, and #3- extreme mountain conditions, no trails, and he possesses a current First Aid certificate.

As the owner and operator of Cascade Outdoor Adventures, Andreas' adventures have taken him to some of the most remote areas in BC, with clients from throughout the world. His fluency in both the German and English languages has been invaluable to European clientele, and have helped to overcome different language barriers. His high level of professional judgement is seen through his personal philosophy of "Safety First". Through his many years of study, research and experience, he has developed both the expertise and ability to make sound decisions under adverse conditions. This has enabled him to accurately and without hesitation assesses the needs and capabilities of his numerous clients throughout the years. At all times, his first and foremost consideration is for the welfare and safety of his guests.

Andreas is truly the epitome of a "Mountain Man"! He has dedicated his life to the outdoors and guiding, and his love and understanding of the mountains is unsurpassed. One other fact that you should know about your guide ... He really cooks! Andreas is a fully licensed chef, and you will never eat in the wilderness like you do with a chef. By being creative and intuitive to the needs of his guests, he creates an ambiance that is memorable to all who participate. With an expert mountain guide, who is a trained chef, and has a fabulous sense of humor ... you are bound to have the adventure of a lifetime!

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