Three Day Alpine Holiday

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Experience the beauty of the natural alpine meadows high above the coastal rainforest of Southwestern British Columbia.

Option 1: our departure by truck fom the bungalow motel in harrison hot springs takes us to the Coquahalla summit and into a remote mountain valley to our trail head. After crossing a small stream the path leads through old growth timber and emerges, after about an hour and a altitude gain of a thousand feet ,in to the alpine landscape of the "Coquahalla Paradise". Another hour to base camp and we get to drop our packs at the tent cabin located at the centre of a trail system featuring short or long day hikes through meadows filled with wildflowers and breath taking scenery .This is definitely my "Favourite Trip". Normal physical condition is required for this hike that is also suitable for kids ten years or older.

Option 2: Departure from the Bungalow Motel in Harrison Hot Springs, takes us to the helicopter pad in Hope B.C. From here, we take a short 15 minute flight to a beautiful mountain meadow northwest of Hope. The option of flying in and out of our destination is less strenuous and very popular.

Alpine Tours

Once on location... The three days at our destination can be spent relaxing, and taking either short, or more aggressive hikes along the nearby mountain ridges. Great food and breathtaking views make either option an experience you will not forget.

Various species of wildlife may be observed including Mule Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Goat and eagles. Please feel free to bring your telephoto lens so you can capture any great moments. Our accommodations will be tents - due to the remote alpine setting. Be prepared to rough it a little bit!

This tour requires a reasonable level of physical fitness, and includes living at high altitude for three days...


(2-3 people in group) $365.00 per person

(4-8 people in group) $300.00 per person

Fly In & Hike Out Rate (1/2 hour flight):

(max. 3 passengers) $365.00 per person

Fly In & Fly Out Rate (1 hour return flight):

(max. 3 passengers) $730.00 per person

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